Loans for Moms: Help with Bills for Low Income Families
Loans for Moms & Single Parents - Even when you're unemployed and claiming state benefits, cash loans for moms can be a useful source of short-term help with bills for low income families. There's a variety of sources of help with bills for low income families, but emergency loans for moms are a quick and effective way of dealing with a cash shortfall. Even if you're currently out of work and on benefits, you're able to borrow money with bad credit to help tackle an emergency situation.
While some loans for single parents are available for just 30 days, there are ways to get a fast cash advance or buy now pay later deal and repay the balance over 36 months. The option that you're likely to proceed with will depend heavily on your personal circumstances, disposable income and why you need the money.

Help with Bills for Low Income Families from a Doorstep Loan Lender

When you have an adverse credit history, there aren't many lenders that allow you to borrow money and repay the debt over the next 12 months. Bad credit doorstep loan companies allow you to borrow up to £500 and repay the balance at an affordable rate over the next 52 weeks. There are no credit checks.
Once you've established a relationship with the lender, loans for single mothers are available for as much as £2,500. You can then spread the repayments over an extended period of up to 108 weeks. All that you need to do is provide suitable identification, proof of earnings, open a bank account and demonstrate affordability.

Loans for Moms from a Buy Now Pay Later Store to Buy Household Products

If you urgently need to a new fridge freezer, LCD television, cooker, sofa, table or laptop computer, a weekly payment store may be able to help you. They sell a wide variety of household goods and allow the customer to spread the repayments over up to 156 weeks. The rate of interest is usually just 29.9%.
As is the case with all hire purchase agreements, if you fail to keep-up with the repayments, the lender is legally able to recover that item. You may also find that the cost of goods is a bit more expensive. However, on balance, the lower rate of interest means that your purchase is usually less expensive.

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